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Horor/Creepy/Strange Jewelry. 

Some of these can be found at Etsy. Here’s a link.

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Tarot, The Star by bluefooted on deviantART

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Jenny LeClue-Detectivú

Not Nancy Drew, but Jenny LeClue, a new face in the choose-your-own story mystery adventure scene. This is to be a trilogy mystery game series with a rich, involving story and plenty of mystery to satiate your curiosities. The kickstarter has been fully funded however there’s almost two days left to pledge in and get your rewards! With the game Greenlit on Steam as well, the team is set to go and plans on releasing an alpha by Spring 2015. There’s a lot to be discovered in this charming adventure that we look forward to by the beginning of next year!

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now if you want to talk about a messed up card talk about Invoke Prejudice, the name, the art, the artist himself!

Asked by thesuicideking87





Now, this is something I can COMPLETELY get behind. I have always felt that this was the most terrible art for a card.


What kind of art is that?? And then add the name to the artwork?? That can’t be a coincidence. 

Normally, I’m pretty good about giving people the benefit of the doubt, and I should say, “Oh they’re just executioners” blah blah blah.

But I’ve seen other pieces by McNeill, and they’re all pretty abstract, creepy, and a bit racist looking.

I can’t find much, but he seems like an artist not all there. My opinion is that this card was made with racist intents. But then again, the artist is really generally abstract and out there.

I’ve heard from several varied sources, though, that he is a neo-nazi. I can’t find anything to prove it, so I’m not going to say more on the matter.

Even specifies that it has to be a color that is not a color you share with it! Not going to lie, this card is hilarious.

Wow, I never even thought about that! This card keeps getting better and better! Now THIS is a card that should have been taken away! As someone brought up, I went to his facebook page. He is for sure a whack job. And I would say he is something close to a neo-nazi. This is his cover photo:


This keeps getting wilder and wilder!

dazodiac said: Look at the number the card is on the URL if the gatherer search, and search it in google

The number is for this card on Gatherer is 1488.

I googled it, and it comes up with a significant amount of nazi related stuff, white supremacy, stuff regarding Hitler. This card is something I think we should all be looking at more heavily! 

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#defeats the dark lord #still scared stiff by angry women #harry fucking potter everyone

one of his best friends is hermione granger and he’s dating ginny “bat bogey hex” weasley why shouldn’t he be scared of angry women

plus when someone as calm and zen as luna yells at you, you know shits gonna go down

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it must be really wild to actually have a positive relationship with your father



some people really have that????

that’s insane